Bigg Boss Marathi: Resham Tipnis and Rajesh Shringarpore drop a shocker by kissing each other on the show

Bigg Boss Marathi: Resham Tipnis and Rajesh Shringarpore drop a shocker by kissing each other on the show

We have seen it on the Hindi version of Bigg Boss, and now the same is happening on the Marathi edition, which went on-air last month. Some contestants are playing the cliched love card to get ahead in the game, but what’s interesting here is that one of them is married. We are talking about Resham Tipnis and Rajesh Shringarpore, who are getting all up close and personal on the show, which is being hosted by Mahesh Manjrekar. It’s been quite sometime since Resham and Rajesh have come close for they are always seen together. There are times when Resham tries to support him and sometimes Rajesh is seen flirting with her. It’s quite evident that they like each other’s company.

We were not sure if this was just friendship or a romance that was brewing between the two until couple of days back, when Rajesh, who was in the secret room since past few days, re-entered the main house and openly declared his love for Resham on national TV. Resham told Rajesh that she is scared of facing his wife, he then turned to the camera as if he was addressing his wife and confessed his love for Resham. Rajesh further said he hopes his wife will understand his love for Resham. Not just that, Resham and Rajesh shared a bed and kissed each other in front of all the contestants. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss Marathi shocker: Vinit Bonde tells Megha Dhade to apply makeup on her bum – watch video!

Times Of India got in touch with Rajesh’s wife, Dimple Shringarpore to ask her about this, but she refused to comment as she said, “It would be great if it’s kept personal as I don’t want to comment on this right now.” While his wife has chose not to say anything, host Mahesh Manjrekar is quite upset with the happenings inside the house as he told TOI, “In the upcoming Saturday episode, I am going to be very strict to all the activities happening inside the house.”

Well, we can’t wait to see what will happen come Saturday. Stay tuned as we bring you all the latest updates about Bigg Boss Marathi.

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